A Locals Sunrise

A Local Sunrise... The pole has stood there all night... i can see the campers moving slowly, reluctantly , sleeping with the ocean by your side is Bliss...... Sunrise... its not about catching a fish, its just about being there......

I am an island gal.....


Nancy said…
You are certainly an early-bird!
Beautiful. And the best part was I didn't have to get up early to experience it.
Crazyfox said…
Thank you Lani for helping to keep my heart in Hawaii.
Firefly said…
I just spent two weeks in the mountains and a couple of times just sat and thought that same thing. Its not always about the walks and other activities, but just being there.
leilani said…
Thank you guy!! nancy i am there when its still dark.. lol. sometimes(mosttimes) i think ive lost ny mind!!

Fire! sounds wonderful!

Thank you Don..

ur welcome Dave!

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