Toxic Waters

You, my readers all know of the beach i call "Heaven".... it has been violated in the worst possible way imaginable.

I am so glad i had the opportunity to introduce you to this little beach...

I am so upset i can barely write this..

I don't know if i will ever be able to enter the water here again.. I am so glad i have pictures...

Must it come down to only pictures to KNOW what we had? Or can we as humans LEARN to LOVE and care for Planet Earth!

Till I take my last breath I will encourage everyone I meet to PLEASE live with great Love for our Planet!!

In this place that I Love........ i am an island gal......


when was the last time u were at Maui? Maui's water is not as nice as it should be... the hotel we stayed in had runoff water from the sewer going straight into the waters near the hotel's surf... the water was murky... Hawaii isn;t the same.,,
Firefly said…
This is a crying shame. And the fact that council only wants to shift the blame and doesn't do something to clean it up is even worse. I feel for you.
Don't worry. Both you and the beach will be back. Nature has an amazing ability to cope and repair.
Nancy said…
What happened? Was it the rains? Maui is having some severe problems with brown water from the rains. I feel so bad, it can't be good for the ocean.
leilani said…
Thank you for the comments! I just was soooo upset! I am strengthed by your comments!!

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