Why the Beast?

I called her a BEAST in a past post... beautiful sunset... beast of beach.. Her reef sits inches under the waves of winter! I finally found a video that will help explain...

I want to say that I think these guys who are called the "Pipeline Posse" are crazy... I could say more but we will just leave it at "crazy".

The reef picture of the pipe was taken by pro photog Sean Davey... he is good... and he is a long time ocean man...

I am an island gal........


Crazy, but gutsy....i've always gone for the crazy, gutsy guy..lol
ρομπερτ said…
Must be the island where such contrasts of beauty are able to exist. Please have you all a good Thursday.

daily athens
Firefly said…
These guys are absolutely crazy.
Once again I have not visited for a long time and I really do not understand why I do this to myself... or maybe I do. When I come back after a long absence I am always enchanted anew with your ocean, your animals and you photos. Thank you.

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