Sunset at the Pond...

My darling daughter Rayna named this part of sharks cove, a beach on the North shore of Oahu," Princess Pond" when she was 4 years old.. she is 28 now and the years have passed in a blink.. my mind does not remember the years.. my BODY does.. getting down here was a tee tee touchy!

My mantra the whole way down was "DO NOT FALL" DO NOT FALL" the rocks are really sharp! The sunset was magnificent...

I am an island gal.....


Cloudia said…
Thanks for bringing back this great image... yes the years do speed by!

Let's enjoy today

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

Hmmm. So, that's happening to you too? I've even stopped going to some of my old favorite places, and am surprised how beautiful they are when I do make a visit. Thanks for going and showing me the beauty of that spot.
Firefly said…
The second picture is an absolute winner. Stunning, stunning, stunning. Well worth the climb down.

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