Sunrise 10-10-10

Sunrise on 10-10-10...

Beautiful view from Sandy Beach on the East side of the island..

While i was in the area, I climbed the cliffs above Hanauma Bay to get a picture of the bay from the ocean side...

Imagine my surprise when i ran into these blooming cactus! Never ever,lived here my whole life, had I seen these before... they look like flowers from the movie AVATAR...

Mother Nature at her finest!

I am an island gal.........


gorgeous...looks like a starfish...did u take a cutting to start at home?
Cloudia said…
Wow! I was just over there today and posted a shot of the coast, but I've NEVER seen these blooms either.


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
Nancy said…
The really are lovely.
Firefly said…
Succulents and Cacti produce the most beautiful flowers. Those look like some kind of carrion plant. Did they have a bit of an offish oder?
@Firefly: had to google carrion.. Hawaiian name is makapuu.. interesting
So beautiful-hey I have a questions, and if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. My brother si asking his girlfriend to marry him this weekend in Honolulu and I was wondering if you know a good spot he could go to do it?
leilani said…
no Kalei i didnt .. i was afraid i wasnt supposed to be in the area! I took the pics and left!

Cloudia.. top parking lot Haunama bay step over wall.. walk.. you will see the cactus.. caution.. i think we are NOT supposed to be there!

Queen... in Oahu? oh sheeshhh Sunset.. Sunset Beach! North Shore Oahu!!

Fire I didnt smell them! LOLOL! no smell i could determine in the air.

Kalei I was above Hanauma Bay! Thats not too far from Makapuu!

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