The ocean on the North side of Oahu has announced winter is here...

Its hard to believe these two pictures are the same beach!

Over the weekend the flat beautiful blue waters of summer have turned grey and wild!

As i do each year I settle in for ther next 5 months hoping I can find somewhere to swim..

I wonder where the turtles go?

I am an island gal.......


Could the turtles go further south like the swallows go to Capistrano for warmer weather?
Maybe they stay put. I've often seen them bouncing against the rocks while trying to get the best seaweed to eat - those shells are pretty sturdy.
Nancy said…
I love hearing about the change in seasons where you live. We were so hot in Maui in September. Can't wait for it to cool a bit for our next trip there in December. I'll bet the ocean will be very different.
Firefly said…
Wow! Its hard to believe that there could be such a radical change on one beach. Pity the turtles can't tell you where they go.

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