I wonder...

There is something magical about your presence being recognized by a wild animal.

I always remember they are wild and no matter WHAT kind of animal they are, its best to respect their space..

I do ask this question quite often," I wonder what they think of us?"


GF! U don't wanna know what they think of us! LOL... and even we have to give each other space, right? I sure hope when u took your swim today, that fool wasn't there.
Nancy said…
Probably curiosity mixed with fear.
The distance I keep is to never touch them and hopefully they will never touch me (especially with their teeth).
As for what they think around you: "That sure is one beautiful wahine!"
Firefly said…
I know I sound like a stuck record, but you are so fortunate to have the turtles there. The leatherback turtles come to nest on the north eastern coast of South Africa and a lot of the lodges take people out at night as that is the best time to see them. Needless to say, I have never been in that area, so have never seen it. But one day...
leilani said…
Fire ! Take urn camera and go!! =0P

Don Thank you! lol=0)

Nancy and Kalei... LOL .. kaleim they havent been there since that day. I will continue to keep an eye out !

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