The North side of the island of Oahu is beginning its winter season. Waves are staring to show up and the currents are becoming stronger.

I headed west to the little beach i call heaven..

Once i am here its real hard to leave. The water is amazing!

I swim around taking pictures like crazy.

Here's the thing I'm so busy clicking ,I sometimes miss the most amazing! The rainbow that is across this turtle i missed.

Somehow i get the idea HE KNEW. I wondered why he stopped and turned to look at me in the water.

Another lesson for me... I am sometimes so busy looking, I just DON'T really SEE!!


That happens to me a lot. A lot.
Aww, a sweet pic of your friend!. He looks at u like he knows u....
Firefly said…
Its always so nice to have your oen little special place to go and get away from it all.

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