The Heat

August and September are the months of hot and humid here in the islands.

There is no reason to complain we can hit the water and ease the heat.

This turtle was not letting the heat stand in his way of food. He hauled himself out of the water onto the reef, to bury his face in the seaweed growing on the reef and feast.

He was really chomping down on the food! He was out of the water for maybe 10 minutes and then he slid back into the water.

I wonder if he noticed the heat?


The heat gets to me.. That is when the mosquitoes attack me and I end up at urgent care in Kahala!.
Nancy said…
Love the turtle chomping!
sweetmango said…
oh the photos are gorgeous!
I'm sitting here in a rain jacket, thermal jacket and listening to a storm pound our town... so umm I would love to be where you are!
keep cool
He must have, that is why he stayed for only 10 minutes (lol). Actually that made me wonder. Do they often spend time out of the water? Heat is creeping up on us again also. Winter is at last moving up North and we are ready to welcome back summer.
ρομπερτ said…
... to be a turtle. Please have a wonderful Sunday.

daily athens
Firefly said…
I imagine with winter on the horizon you need to enjoy the heat while you can. Its great to see the turtles out the water like that. Must be something to watch.
leilani said…
oh no Chrissy! =0(

LOl Nancy.. A Human, and Fire and Sweet, it so amazing to think that while I am baking you guys are on ice! This planet is simply magnificent!

Thank you Robert! A Human.. some turtles come out of the water to rest. I often wonder myself if a braver turtle sleeps on shore! The sun dries off all the algae that grows on the turtle!

Fire.. soon the waves will be roaring into the north shore!

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