WHEWWWW what a Zoo!

Ive met alot of people at the bay. "Regulars" we call ourselves. Those of us who just love the bay for one reason or the other,and are there every chance we get. We recently have a new "regular" to the Bay. He is an aspiring actor and uses the bay to swim laps. Everyday he is there, back and forth he swims...

I really enjoy the camaraderie we all share and that bond showed early Monday morning.

As you all know I spend a lot of time at the Bay waiting for the dolphins. All that time has allowed me the privilege of making friends with the turtles that swim in the Bay.

I watched in horror Monday morning as a fisherman hooked one of my turtle friends on his fishing line.
I saw my turtle friend flaying in the water desperately trying to get free. I went running down the beach yelling "YOU hooked a TURTLE!" I was ready to tackle this fisherman right there, render him senseless.

Then I saw another "regular" the aspiring actor throw his goggles and his fins on the sand and start running toward the fisherman.

We were coming at him from both sides!

The fisherman kept his calm amist two very upset "regulars" and
brought the turtle to shore where the hook and line all came out of the turtles mouth.

Free from the hook and line I saw my turtle friend look back at the three of us as he swam away.

The look on his face said" WHEWWW what a ZOO!"


ok, spill- who is the aspiring actor? lol....
omg, thank God, the turtle was saved.
wow you guys are like super heros for the turtles-so glad to have you out there patrolling for our ocean friends-I am with KBF who is this actor-
Anonymous said…
There might indeed be a higher judgement, making sure that things turn out right in time.
Please have a good Thursday.

daily athens
leilani said…
LOL you two! thank you... Hes not famous.. just starting out... Hawaii 50 is here now but really guys i dont recognize him. NOW if Johnny Depp would of been running for that fisherman I would hope i could just remember the turtle!=0P
leilani said…
Thank you Robert!=0D
Anonymous said…
I was holding my breath!! Yay for all of you saving the turtle...PHEW.
Firefly said…
I would have loved to have seen the two of your charging the fisherman. He should have known better. You are a green (or is it blue) crusader.

I love that 3rd photo by the way.
Good for you and for the fisherman. So often I see turtles with a hook and bit of line where the fisherman has just cut the line without trying to remove the hook. Thank goodness your guy was responsible.

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