I Got It!

I get to the Ocean at first light... I love this time of the morning when the ocean meets the sun...

As the morning moves on, the Waimea Bay regular swimmers start showing up. This weekend by 8 am Dr. Kit was sitting to the right of me, my friend Nancy to my left.. We arrive separately but always seem to sit together. They join me in a vigil i have kept up for years now... Waiting for the dolphins..

We talk about all kinds of stuff while we sit, each of us swiming or walking the beach when the urge so hits us! LOL... Lately there has been a slight change......

Everytime one of them sees ANYTHING move in the water they start hollering,"Lani, LOOK GET A PICTURE!!"

This weekend Nancy my serious friend Nancy, out of the blue in the middle of a sentence hollers, "LANI , A BABY TURTLE!! GET a picture!"

I Got it!

I am an island gal....


This is the best turtle pic u have taken!. omg, that green is awesome!. As well as your beach shots.
Firefly said…
Funny how you make "informal" friends with people who always do the same thing at the same time as you.
I love it. We had a similar crowd here waiting for the dolphins, I always called them the dolphin people. I'm glad your friend got you to take the turtle photo, it is beautiful. BTW I too like mornings at the beach, I usually have it entirely to myself. It has such a different feel.
leilani said…
Thank you Kalei!!

I know Fire! all of us united by our love of the ocean. we really are like mthe 3 stooges.. each one of us very different!

Don, mornings just are so much fuller.. the sounds of the ocean and morning.. pure love!
Nancy said…
What a precious life you live!

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