Heavenly Scent

The White Ginger in my yard has exploded into blossoms! Ive always thought the smell of white ginger just heavenly!

My blogger friend

MauiDon-DolphinDude says you can eat the stems!!

Thats why i love you guys! I learn something new all the time from each one of you!

I am a thankful island gal!.............


Nancy said…
Mmmm - I can smell the heavenly scent from here. :-)
Firefly said…
They look beautiful. Its always a super feeling when something in the garden suddenly flowers. Have you tried the stems yet?
You gently pull the flower off the plant, then nibble on the white stem for a great taste of honey and ginger. I don't actually eat them per se, just a little taste. Yum. Or is it the Yellow Ginger that is tasty and the White Ginger poisonous?
Just kidding. Although it is the Yellow Ginger I have more experience with.
leilani said…
havent tried them, Fire... im gonna have to !

OMG DON!! lolol!! if i no longer post .. u will know the white was poison!! LOL!! =0P

The smell is just so wonderful Nancy!

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