Not Alone

The cave at the Bay.. i am no longer swimming in it alone!

The turtles have arrived! They enjoy the vegetation growing on the rock walls this time of year!

Thought you might enjoy a video of me and a turtle going in and out of the cave.. he handles the tides much better than I !
The water is slightly cloudy from the tide and waves stirring up the sand and ocean vegatation.

I consider it a high honor when a turtle lifts his head out of the water for a breath of air in my presence. To do this, they must take their eyes OFF me. They tell me they trust me when they do this.

I am an island gal.....


Chrissy said…
Nai, did u do this? love the music.. This distracted me from the mood I am in.. thank you...
leilani said…
I did Chrissy! the music utube has on file so i used it.. ur welcome my friend.
Firefly said…
I know I have said so before, but it must be such an stunning and special experience to swim with turtles (and dolphins) like this and have them trust you to get so near them. You truly must have a specialy aura around you.
Nancy said…
What a sweet video - thanks for sharing! I do love the turtles!
Oh my I wish I lived where you are, I love the turtles, and I am so glad to see them here on your blog, so happy and free.

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