I glided into the water, when from shore, I saw the familiar shadow of a passing turtle... no splashes, it scares the turtles.

I scanned the water with my goggled eyes waiting for the turtle to appear ... what a wonderful sight, a beautiful turtle flying toward me without a sound. The water so clear and blue . I snapped a picture...

It only took me a second to see it.. A HOOK impaled into the right flipper of this beautiful turtle. My breath caught in my throat and even though I was wearing a snorkel I had to lift my head out of the water and breath! " OH NO , he's hurt!". I put my head back in the water and swam after the turtle...

I dove down and gently grabbed the line that was threaded thru the hook.. he allowed me to bring him to the surface. He was scared, I was nervous. I could hurt this turtle. My camera now stuffed into my suit,
I held him to my chest with my left arm and gently grabbed the hook with my right hand. The hook was in his flipper deep! "OH NO".

I looked at him and said," Honey, im gonna have to take you to shore. This hook is real deep. Im gonna have to call the turtle people." I headed toward shore, gently bringing him with me..

I felt him turn his head and look at me. I saw the look he was giving me, it said, " LADY U GOT TO BE KIDDING! YOU ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE TOUCHING ME!"

I saw his mouth open, HE was going to bite me! "OH NO you dont" I said. I kept swimming, keeping my face away from his mouth. He twisted his body, rotated his flippers and POOF he was out of my arms.

"OH NO!!" I swam after him but he was on to me... i had my chance.. I did not succeed. sigh...

I emailed the middle picture and exactly where i took the picture to the turtle rescue people. I let the right people know I had tried and could not get the hook out of his flipper.

I know he is going to get help, as long as that help comes from someone other than me, MS."OH NO"!! =0I

I am an island gal......


Firefly said…
He still knows that Miss Oh NO cares for him and his kind. It just wasn't the right time for him to come ashore. You are such a caring person. Well done to you.
Chrissy said…
OMG,Nai, almost was in tears reading this.. U know how much I love turtles... Poor guy, wish these animals realized u were trying to help him and not hurt him... Hope they can find him... I know your heart was hurting for him.
Thank you for trying. We (the Sunday Pink Cap swimmers) have tried to help two turtles with that problem here, but no success so far. We've started carrying wire cutters and hope to free them the next time we see them.
Cloudia said…
bless your Hawaiian heart!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral
ρομπερτ said…
A deep bow in respect of your being.

daily athens
Leigh said…
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Leigh said…
Tough to hold a sea turtle-- good try!
I tried to help an untangle a whale from fishing gear one time and like you nearly succeeded but failed and the whale died within a few hours. I think Ms. Oh No will fair mohr bettah though ;)

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