Gloriously Dry?

The days have been absolutely beautiful!

But amidst all this beauty there is a BIG concern here in the islands..

We are in a serious drought. The oceans blue beauty masks the fact that the islands of Hawaii need rain badly!

Its fun to sit and swim in the sun but how Glorious would it be if the trees turned brown? The oceans magnificence is balanced by the cool clean waters of the rain...fresh water that quenchers our thirst and puts buds on our flowers! I will keep you posted .....


Firefly said…
We are also in a drought here in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Our dams are running empty and we have severe water restrictions. Here on the coast we have now had a fair amount of rain lately and now its being called a green drought cause although its now green on the coast, rain still isn't falling in the catchment areas.
leilani said…
wow Fire! its scary scary!! we have alot of light drizzle here but the rain needed to sustain properly just isnt falling!

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