Rain and Grass Skirts.

Rain and Rainbows go together so Ive learned to carry an umbrella with me when i go to the beach on the North Shore of Oahu.

We all know that a rainy day is perfect for sleeping. We all know that the lapping of waves on the oceans shore can be idyllic.. TRY BOTH rain and ocean together..

Most people head for dry ground, but if you have an umbrella handy you are treated to Mother nature at her finest!!

Only those who really want to be on the beach stay.. these three visitors from Japan thought it a good time to put on grass shirts and take some pictures!!! =0D

I am an island gal....


Nancy said…
Why not? It's still warm, after all. Sounds lovely to me.
Chrissy said…
that's a first. usually the Japanese tourists are covered up to their neck!. lol...
Firefly said…
Tourists need to get the most out of a holiday... even if it rains. I have been running around places in the rain trying to see and so as much as possible when on holiday.
leilani said…
I agree nancy!!!

yup chrissy sun is not so good on the skin! LOLOL

They were so cute Fire.. not a care in the world rain and all!!

yes Robert my father used to say that all the time! =0D

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