In the 2 hours I spent sitting with this monk seal he raised his head at EVERY single adult who got to close to him.. he would give a snort or a full on BARK and it was an impressive sight. Big men would JUMP at the sound..

.....Then i watched as this little boy and his father stood in front of the monk seal. This little boy was delightful. He would bend his little body over and "RROOOAARRRR"
at the monk seal, he would point and laugh and holler "SEAL SEAL"...

NOT ONCE did this seal lift his head.. in fact he never even opened his eyes!!

I wonder what the understanding is between children and animals? Im pretty sure i had the answer when i was a child, problem is the older i got the dumber i became!

I am an island gal....


Chrissy said…
Not dumber... Just have to think like a kid again..lol....I think animals and children are on a different wave.. I remember when my oldest was a few mos. old ,, I have a photo of her and my grandma's dog... I thought for sure the dog might try and nip at her but M. stuck her hand out and the dog leaned forward and sniffed her fingers and then let my daughter get closer...I will have to find it and post it for you...
ρομπερτ said…
What a refreshing promise this entry is. Thank you for sharing this probably unique moment. Please have a wonderful Sunday.
Please update your blogrole, as the "barefoot navigation" is no
more. I beg your pardon for this.
A situation made it neccessary. It might take a while to understand and realise it, mostly for me. If ever there will be a "kind of return", I'll let you know. Until then it would be a joy to be able to comment upon your site.
Firefly said…
Animals probably feel that kids are much less of a treat than adults. I would still be very careful though.
leilani said…
i would love that Chrissy thank you!

Okay Robert Will do!

Exactly right Fire.. and this guy could of hurt yah serious!

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