Changing my Tune

I was trying to figure out if this is the same turtle or two different turtles.

Same beach, different days,

I break into song and both days the turtle put his fin to his ear!

Im thinking i need to change my tune.

I must learn a turtle tune! =0D

I am an island gal......


Nancy said…
Love it. :-)
Firefly said…
Amazing how they did exactly the same thing. Isn't nature amazing
Chrissy said…
My ex bf would come across what he thought was the same turtle when he swam.. Do u swim about the same time when u meet up w/your friend? It very well could be.. I'm sure u tried checking out if he/she has any markings..then again maybe it is your singing??? (lol) and that may be a sign that it is? jk.....
ρομπερτ said…
Maybe it was a "high five" exchanged between friends. Please have a wonderful Tuesday.
Hahaha... so funny and cute.

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