The weather has been sooo foul here on Oahu this past week,

I've had had to resort to swimming in this little Lagoon.

It drives me BONKERS! not swimming in the open ocean..

BUT i was relieved to KNOW i am NOT the only bonkered human on this island..

The man trimming this coconut tree has got me beat!!


I am an island gal..


Chrissy said…
awwwww, poor leilani! has to swim in a small bad thing about it , i bet u miss your friend!. i saw the local paper and it doesn't seem like the weather was that bad... light rain?
Nancy said…
Is it cold again? Our trip to Maui was pretty cold the entire time. Not cold like snow cold, but cool like a light sweater. We weren't complaining after living in fleece for months.

A small lagoon is pretty darn nice...
Lori ann said…
happy mother's day tomorrow leilani, i hope your day is a beautiful one!
leilani said…
LOLOL Chrissy! its the Vog! volcanic smoke, clouds the sky, which whips up the wind on the water.. which makes the ocean a blender! LOLOL..

Nancy vog.. Volcanic smoke... just miserable..Nancy im so spoiled!

Thank you Lori Ann!
How does he get up there? I love the bright hibiscus in your last photo.

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