Sugar Doll !

A Human Kind of Human from her fabulous blog
Just I and Myself, has graciously given me a Sugar Doll award...

I must tell you ten things about me.

1. I am adopted.

2. My birth mothers family was from England, my birth fathers family from Java.

3. I am an island girl from generations of island people =0D

4. My birth fathers family came to the Hawaiian islands, married Hawaiians and walla here I am.

5.I can talk your ears off! =0) it is called ad nauseum..lolol

6. The only time my feet are truly happy is when there is sand underneath them!

7.Bringing home big pieces of driftwood from the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. Talk about ridiclulous, me dragging BIG trees up the beach!

8. I get so irritated when my adult children tell me to turn my radio down, stop driving so fast, and watch how deep i swim! sigh

9. I ADORE my blogger friends!

10. The Ocean is my LIFE!

I am an island gal.....


Chrissy said…
As if we didn't know about your love for the water! lol... hey, that's what kids are for!. I'd worry about you going too deep as well!.
leilani said…
LOLOL Chrissy! i know i need to be careful! =0D
Barry said…
I love and envy your life!

Dive deep and keep living fully Naialani!
I have the same problem you have in #8. What is it with children nowadays... don't they like music, or what? lol. Give my love to the dolphins and turtles, wish I could meet them with you.
leilani said…
Thank you Barry!

A Human i think we raised old people! =0D

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