Lava Walk

Saturday..I parked my car at the hotel Ko Olina on the West side and started walking the shore line..

The shoreline so beautiful, my goodness we live on an amazing planet!

BUT .. i am human there is going to be a BUT... lol The lava rock I walked over on this stunning west side shoreline was BRUTAL! oh my goodness!

Ponds and little pools surrounded by lava rock dotted the shore line.

AND THEN... an amazing sight A HOLE in the lava.. a small little beach were only my footsteps were present! Not a piece of garbage left by humans anywhere!

I jumped in.. and it was heaven! What a wonderful way to end a lava walk!

I am an island gal......


Firefly said…
Its hard to imagine the lawa flowing into the sea in Hawaii if you haven't seen it yourself. I would love to see it one day. The little beach does look like something saved specially for you and the fact that there was no human signs left behind. The lawa rock pools does look like it could be save spots to cool off with kids.
Looking at your beautiful photo's make me realise that I NEED HOLIDAY AT THE OCEAN!!
leilani said…
HI Cloudia! Aloha! Fire, we have been wondering where the whales and dolphins are. I think they went to the Big island where the lava still flows into the sea. I joke that it is their spa! Water is real cold right now!

A human the sea is for the soul! I say do it!
Barry said…
Are you sure you're an island gal, or do you live in Heaven?

Sure looks like Heaven to me.
ρομπερτ said…
Always save steps ahead of you.

And thank you for sharing this oasis of life. Please have a nice Tuesday.
Jo said…
And you are so lucky to be an Island Gal!!!

Do you have a guest room?
Crazyfox said…
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Crazyfox said…
I love this beach. When you are there alone it feels like yours alone...
Crazyfox said…
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leilani said…
Barry when you are here it feels like heaven!

Thank you RoBert and JO!

Dave I will be back here many more times im sure.. the dolphins pass very close to here!

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