Joyous Children

The water is so cold, that when i get in the water, my camera immediately fogs up! that's fog on my lens in this picture. I know i am extremely spoiled with the waters here in Hawaii but FROSTED LENS!? lolol..

There were two tourist at the little beach I have come to call heaven. They heard about this place from people who live nearby. I gave him and his wife a little tip about the turtles that were swimming nearby and then stood back and watch this man and his wife have their first experience in meeting a wild turtle.

I watched in glee as these two people became joyous children. It is this joy, the joy of nature given to us as a gift, free of charge that i am so grateful for!

I am an island gal....


Nancy said…
No, say it isn't so! The water will get warm again, won't it? Please say yes, and it will be warm next month. I live at Lake Tahoe - we do cold water here - not Hawaii! LOL

There is nothing better than seeing a turtle in Hawaii. How fun to watch others receive that joy!
Firefly said…
I think I would be like a child as well my first time in the water with turtles.
Chrissy said…
Its amazing how people turned childlike when they are w/nature's children- be it land or sea babies..
ρομπερτ said…
Once there was a dragon who did go down, even beneath the sea, to save a turtles life.

The beginning of the story, mostly responsable for me wearing a bit of dragon ink on my back.

A wonderful Thursday for you.
leilani said…
nancy,it will warm up any day now it will start to warm up =0D

chrissy and Fire, it good to have child like joy isny6 it? =0D

Thank you Robert!

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