After ALL day Saturday riding around the island in the car, I was more than ready for the water on Sunday and Monday!

I hit the water running, ahhhhh beautiful ocean... first thing i noticed?

My camera DID NOT fog up! I was not breathless from the cold of the water either!


Divers everywhere in the water.. the dolphins out there surrounded by boats!

The water so clear in places it made me smile from ear to ear..

I called to the dolphins but they were not interested.. maybe next time..

It is going to be an amazing summer underwater!

Again I say HALLELUJAH .. SPRING is here!

I am an island gal....


Chrissy said…
bet the turtles and dolphins are anxious to see u!.
Hooray! Send some of that warmer water down our way, I'm still shivering.
Crazyfox said…
Theres the cave...
Crazyfox said…
Yeah spring is there but not yet here. Going down to 28 degrees tonight....
leilani said…
I hope they are Chrissy ! LOLOL..

Don, u have whales.. you need the cold water!...west side this weekend was a joy!

Dave, i cant wait!
ρομπερτ said…
There couldn't have been a better word for those photographies.

A wonderful weekend for you.

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