I stood looking at this tree. Several years ago I would of set a tent up under it on Friday and not taken it down till Sunday night.

I miss those days. The fallen pine needles that rest under this tree make it a great place to set up camp. The ground softened from their cover, the rocks warm from the sun, the ocean whispering softly make sleeping at night a delight!

Camping is no longer allowed here on the island of Oahu without a permit at specific areas. Oahu has become so crowded that the no camping rule protects our beaches from permanent residents.

The water has been so cold this week that a warm tent and a nice camp fire would be ideal!

There is just no easy way to explain it. The suns out, the ocean calls, I hit the water and it feels like a shock going thru my entire body! The water is COLD!

Okay I'll swim around awhile that will warm me up! NOPE! I'm freezing!

I'm swimming furiously and talking into my snorkel," ITS COLD, its cold, its cold!" After awhile I start noticing I'm getting these looks from the turtles, that seem to say, " Hey, dumdum GET out of the water!"

sigh... Thank goodness winter here in the islands is almost over..........


Nancy said…
Oh no! I hope it warms up by next month. Beautiful photos. It's too bad things have to change to protect the beaches. We have similar rules on Lake Tahoe. People would live here all summer and pollute the water. When I was a teenager we would camp on the beach, just as you did, but things have changed, and I'm glad the rules are in place. There are just too many people wanting to use the same resources.
Barry said…
Yep, there are just way too many of us and not all of our vast numbers are careful and thoughtful of our impact on the environment.

Sad to say.

So, you can go Polar Dipping even in Hawaii? Who knew?
Chrissy said…
What were the temps? 60's? I have to laugh, u island folks are spoiled lol.... Swim in the waters in Calif.during the winter, now that is COLD... then again the waters in Cali are not so good... the ocean's become a cesspool....Would u believe in all the time I've gone to Oahu never was able to get a permit to camp...
Maybe you could try the secret method used here on Maui. Set up a fishing pole and you can spend the night on any piece of oceanfront, even in one of the rich people's front yards.
Firefly said…
It really is a pity that you can't camp there anymore, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Perhaps they should only allow weekend camping. As for the water. We went away last weekend and stayed at a seaside village. The water was also freezing cold. The type of cold that hurts you. Strange coincidence.
ρομπερτ said…
There is a local club and its members are taking a dive into the sea, nearly every day, throughout the whole year - as it may come even come close to less 10C, it is for sure a challenge.
For me, am still waiting until about Easter to take the first swim again.
A wonderful Tuesday for you and many thanks for effort to take such a nice picture.
leilani said…
You guys are great! Nancy its really bad on Oahu, too many people!

Barry, Chrissy, Fire, and Robert, I just know im spoiled rotten! LOLOL.

Don ive heard that! problem on Oahu is the OTHER people who set up poles! its really bad Don most of us who used to camp , just dont anymore.. its too dangerous.

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