Faces of an Island

I found myself on the east or Windward side of Oahu on Saturday......

A friend had come to the islands so we took a ride....

The Windward side of the island is the WET side of the island of Oahu.

It rains alot on this side of the island.. it shows in the land..
Green green green!

The ocean here on this side of the island is not clear because of all the little rivers that run into it.

Those little rivers flowing into the ocean make this side of the island home to many sharks.

I don't swim here but i LOVE the green green mountains!

This little island off the coast is called "China mans Hat" and is a much photographed island.. No one lives there, its just a landmark.


It felt good to get back to the blue blue waters of the south shore !

Its amazing how many faces one island can have!


Chrissy said…
I remember that part (china man's hat) Hey have u hiked Mariner's Ridge? that was one of my first places I visited...Your photos are hitting home w/me right now...
One of the many things I love about Hawaii is the variety of micro-climates. I used to live on the green side of Maui, until I got sick of the constant rain (and the murky water). I am soooooo happy to now live on the sunny side.
Anonymous said…
Rain - liquide sunshine.

A beautiful Tuesday for you, just like your amazing photography.
Nancy said…
I also love the windward side. I remember when sailing through the islands in the late 1970's being warned to not swim at night on that side due to it being shark habitat. All of the islands have many faces, you're right.
I love the photos of the mountains particularly and of course, the music. Visit me, I have something for you.
leilani said…
Chrissy, never hiked the ridge! someday i want to hike the kaena point trail but im afraid im a water gal .

don you made a good choice! the water is so different!

Thank you Robert! yes liquid sunshine !

Nancy yes! it can be very dangerous! it jusy so funny how a small island can be so different on each side!

A Human ! Thank you!

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