The One thing I like about swimming is that your body is basically weightless. I love it so much I spend alot of time upside down in the water, just my feet sticking out of the ocean. I realize with glee that I must of been a beluga whale in a past life.=0D
On Sunday morning i also realized that walking can leave your leg muscles tired and sore! The small amount of walking I did over lava rocks on Saturday, had made my legs and ankles sore on Sunday.

I hobbled to my beach mobile and headed North..

I stopped at the top of Waimea Bay, my beloved beach and I stood silent and joyous. I could feel the excitement building as I stood there and realized it is MARCH! The BIG, HUGE thrashing waves are over and day by day this Bay which i love so dearly will calm down and clear up and she will invite the dolphins back into her waters! Every year I go thru this and every year I am equally excited by the understanding that the dolphins will soon be back!

I stopped by the TURTLE ROCK on the North Shore and gave a friendly HI to the turtles there. My legs hurting and cramped I headed home.

It was a nice drive home, I kept thinking about the beach I had swam in on Saturday.

I started my love affair with the Ocean beacuse I wanted to swim with the dolphins. Now years later I find my self enamoured by every aspect of the sea. Her colors, creatures, shorelines and sands all come together to bring so much beauty.

I have also found thru the years that you can come to expect nothing but grandness from Mother Nature. The anticipation of what she is gonna do and the glorious things that follow are always well worth the wait!

I am an island gal.....


Firefly said…
I am in amazement of you and your love for and relationship with the ocean every time you do a post like this. I don't there there are many people like you who has that special connection.
Chrissy said…
oh! those pics of those baby turtles are so cute.... and i have walked on lava rock as well and I agree, it is rough on the feet!.
Barry said…
Stunning pictures. We live not far from Lake Ontario, but the water is always cold even at the height of Summer and beyond a few minnows, you never see anything alive beneath the waves.

It is pretty to look at though.
Beluga? I'd definitely say Sea Otter!
Nancy said…
Your pictures left me breathless! I love the islands, as well. And swimming with the dolphins? Is there anything better than that? We are going to Maui next month and I hope to see turtles, at least. Having spent six months on Kauai eons ago, I can relate to this post. Having winter surf calm down is such a pleasure to look forward to. Thanks for sharing a piece of paradise to a cold, and snow-bound, mainlander.
leilani said…
Thank you everyone! your beautiful comments keep me going!

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