The Tease

We are in the middle of rough water winter here on Oahu.

So on Saturday when I saw the water i was amazed!

Flat and calm!

Although the shallow was winter cloudy..

The deeper water was breathtaking..
If the water would of been warm i would of thought i was swimming around in summer water!
The Ocean was teasing us.. the next day Sunday, the waves were back!

I dont think i was the only one confused.. LOL there were ALOT of turtles cruising around on Saturday!

I am an island gal....


Barry said…
You're an Island gal with a beautiful eye for photography.
Firefly said…
At least you know summer is coming. Soon you will be back in the water all the time again.
ρομπερτ said…
What a magical photography the first one, where one is able to see the beams of light...

Close to half past three in the morning over here - always a joy to "escape and dive" into your poetry of photography.

Please have a wonderful Wednesday.
leilani said…
Barry, Fire, Robert , I have to tell you guys the comments you leave give me fuel ! Thank you so much!

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