Hawaiian Miles

Machwa the kitty is almost a year old. It was time to get him fixed. Although he was the first born and the biggest in the litter he has remained the Biggest Baby. Hes never been outside, he eats all the time, he doesn't like being alone and his meow, inherited from his grandfather, sounds like a wailing church organ! So i load him into the carrier and off we go...

Now here's where it gets complicated ! The vet with the best"fix your cat" rates is across the island in a place called Hawaii Kai.

I don't know if its something we as local people have hung onto since it took all day, some times two "back in the day" to get across the island,or if its the traffic you can encounter, but traveling more than 5 miles here on Oahu is a major trip!

Its 6am in the morning i need to be all the way in Hawaii Kai by 7am. I put Machwa, who is in his carrier, in the car and off we go. He immediately starts to wail and continues wailing the whole way there!

I get there deaf, tired, exhausted from comforting a cat while driving only to be told," I'M sorry we cant take him today , we ran out of such and such" I was startled stiff! "HUH?", I could feel my blood pressure raising getting ready to either scream or cry, I was too exhausted to make a choice. "We tried calling you". I couldn't even remember having a phone! " I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM WAHIAWA", I could hear myself saying. " WE are so SORRY Leilani!" I was now hearing in tunnel sound.

I rescheduled the appointment and numbly start walking to my car. Halfway to the parking garage Machwa is so heavy his carrier falls apart and he comes flying out and this time its his turn to go stiff.

The concrete must of been ice cold on silky paw pads that have only ever felt wood or carpeted floors. I scooped him and the carrier up, loaded them into the car and off we went..

I was completely and totally despondent, miserable, unhappy,teed off and just a grumpy person, when the suns reflection in the rear view mirror of my little Honda caught my attention.. Yellow , beautiful, brilliant, good morning sun. "WOW" I thought. "Look at that sunrise!!"

I live in the middle of the island so sunrises on the horizon aren't something I see often! I had to stop!. I look in the back seat, Machwa wasn't making a sound. The car glowed yellow inside and out from the sun. I drove down a mile or so pulled off the main road and took these pictures.

It was so beautiful, and since it was early morning it was so quiet! I stood there smiling from ear to ear..

All the way back home Machwa never made a sound.."We have to do this again next week, boy". I find myself smiling.
I'm going to leave a little early to travel those Hawaiian miles, there is a sunrise I want to see!

I am an island gal......


Chrissy said…
Hey did u take him to the office that specializes just in cats? I think u know the vet that recently passed away? My 'ex' has a friend named Kerry Yuen he's a vet as well... Like the name of your cat did u get him from that area of Maui?
and yes, 5 miles is a long way considering the traffic u guys have to endure!. lol
leilani said…
Chrissy , this is animal care foundation, they work with the Humane Society!

Aloha Cloudia! =0D
leilani said…
Chrissy, No Machwas mommy is a feral cat here in Wahiawa and I raised these guys in the house so they will never be wild, im lookin for good homes for them but i want them fixed first. Animal care micro chips them too!
Oh how I would love one of those. Pity it is a bit far to travel to your place to collect it or I would be there like a bullet through a barrel. What is the distance from one side of your island to the other? I get the impression it is really small.
leilani said…
LOLOL A HUMAN ! maybe 50 miles!! your impression is right! us locals here on the island seem to have distance issues! LOLOL when you think about it its ridiculous!
ρομπερτ said…
There's a reason, there's a reason.
As soon as the student is ready, the teacher appears on his own.

Sorry, for being a bit in thoughts. A wonderful weekend for you all.
Firefly said…
Simply stunning. I would get up early as well to get this view. Sunrise, island style.

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