HI My name is Leilani

I got this idea from Chrissy.. her blog "A Fresh Start with.. Kalei". She posted her picture.. Now i notice this.. I know what the guys who read my blog look like. They have no problem posting pictures of themselves. The women? well we are a COMPLETELY different animal.. myself included! I rather cook 10 dinners(i dont like to cook) than post my picture. Why? i think id rather you imagine i look like a movie star than KNOW that i dont..LOLOL=0D
HI=0) my name is leilani.

I am an island gal....


For someone who spends so much time in the sun and the water you look FANTASTIC! It is so nice to now be able to match a face to the name. I am still building up courage to post one of myself - afraid I will scare my followers away - lol.
leilani said…
Thank you a Human! I know what you mean! LOLOL. I dont think you will scare anyone your posts are too good!
Chrissy said…
Leilani!, I so agree w/you.. Yep we love to keep the mystery don't we? lol, You have so much heart in the way you write and that is all I see in your photo... U are a kind and loving woman...
veredit said…
Oh, how nice to see you!!! You look very positive, attractive and dynamic, and it is great to know what the face behind your fantastic blog is .

Hugs my dear,


P.S. It's great to know someone who lives in paradise ... lol
ρομπερτ said…
How very nice to meet you.

Far too many times it turned out to be rather difficult to show what I do think/write and not so much the way I do look.

Please have you a wonderful Thursday.
snorkler said…
You are as beautiful on the inside as the outside.
Well, that's a pretty kettle of fish you've stirred up Leilani!
Actually, you've been a great inspiration to me. I find it much easier to post a photo of myself (although I cringe every time I do) than to talk about what I'm feeling. But I so admire your posts that I try (but it ain't easy and it doesn't happen often) to open up a little bit. Mahalo
Jo said…
I think you look lovely -- just how I imagined you...!


leilani said…
Thank you guys, all of you! I cannot imagine what my life would of been like had i not met each one of you!
Firefly said…
Hey Island Girl. So that is what you look like. I have always wondered. Its like talking to somebody on the phone and always wondering till you put a face to the voice. This works the same. Now I can put a face to the pics and writing.

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