Wonderful Waiting

I guess I will have to wait for just the right time to get a shot of what i have only seen once... A turtle with a 6 foot shell.

But i have to tell you there are worse places i could be waiting!

This beach , the cleaning rock the turtles hang out at, the turtles, the fish that clean the turtles are all so beautiful !

I have to say someone is lovingly taking care of this stretch of beach on the North Shore.It is a wonderful place to sit and wait! It is just beautiful!

Lucky turtles.. living in a place where the people care!

I am an island gal...........


Barry said…
The bottom has suddenly fallen out of our temperature and its only been as high as minus 15 here today.

Suddenly your beach looks even better than ever.

Lucky turtles!!!
Your photo of the tiny fish cleaning the turtle is amazing. Isn't nature just wonderful, taking care of itself and it's own. Now if only the humans would leave it alone and intact!
Great turtle cleaning station photo. Every time I get close, the fish run away (well, swim away).
Anonymous said…
Waiting - concentrated patience.

Am always amazed and much thank full for these little escapes into a world of wonder.

Please have a nice new week.
Firefly said…
I like the little fish that clean the turtles' shells.

Now that beach looks inviting.
leilani said…
omg Barry! i cannot even imagine!

I think A HUMAN the harmony of nature is just wonderful!

this is close to shore Don.. the little guys are human exposed more often!

Thank you Robert!

Fire this is one of the cleanest beaches. I am so happy about it! More people are becoming more aware it is awesome!
a_morejohn said…
Keiki o ka aina!!! I can just feel that breeze and smell the limu... thank you for sharing the beauty, Leilani!

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