Swims with Scissors

The weather here on Oahu has been yucky for the last week so I was surprised yesterday the 15th to see that the breezes had returned , the sky was blue and when i checked the surf report the waves on the North shore had calmed way down. I ventured down to the turtle rock i had been having so much fun at.

I had seen the turtle below on my first day at the turtle rock. He had gotten snagged in fishing line
and it was all over his neck, head and flippers. It so upset me I got out of the water, hurried into the bustling, little beach town of Haleiwa, to get the number to the turtle hot line here on the island.

When i got home I threw a pair of first aid scissors in my beach bag and made a mental note that if I saw a turtle who was in trouble I would do the best i could
to help. I am not a professional and I know that good intentions are not always enough. You have to KNOW what you are doing. I could hurt a turtle more than help it so i needed to use my head.

He was at the rock yesterday and I quickly swam to shore , grabbed my scissors and to make a long story short, I got three good cuts, freeing this turtle of the line that was just strangling him. He went from barely swimming to taking off like a rocket. I hope i run into him again just to make sure he is okay. He still has one small piece of line on his left flipper. I hope when he sees me he understands I'm just the lady that swims with scissors.

I am an island gal.....


Chrissy said…
hmmm, maybe u will meet up w/Johnny Depp! ( Edward Scissorhands)... U saved his life!!. I bet u felt good and also anger at the same time...
Barry said…
Well done! What an excellent story to start my day!

Thank you.
Hooray! You are my hero (heroine)!!
Tami said…
Catching up on all the posts I've missed!

Excellent job on turtle rescue.

The pictures are just lovely the last few posts. Love the turtles and the fish.

Merry Christmas and a happy bleated New Year!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful!! Good on you for thinking in advance and helping our little flippered friend out!! You made my day and his <3
Anonymous said…
Cutting into freedom - a story that kept me awake at ten after four in the morning. A deep bow for that.

Please have a nice Sunday.
Please explain the last photo. My daughter asked me if it was two turtles mating! Good for you and your scissors.
Firefly said…
An Island Girl with a heart of gold. You are so absolutely awesome.
leilani said…
A Human.. there appears to be a favorite spot next to the rock that the turtles like. The turtle on the bottom is the one with the fishing line around him. The turtle on top appeared to be bulling him for the spot. it was their wrestling that brought my attention to the turtle with the line. I hadnt seen him since the first day i swam there.

Thank you guys for the words of encouragement. My mantra the whole time was "Please may i not hurt this turtle more than i help him."

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