Oceans Kindness

I woke up Sat the 16th to another blue beautiful day! I headed west..

I got in the water and just started swimming..my back muscles were stiff, the winter water keeps me out of the water more than usual and my body is complaining.

I look up and see dorsal fins headed my way..

I hadn't heard any dolphin sounds.."don't panic lani, don't panic!"

As if hearing my heart beat faster a dolphin pops up right in front of me turns and starts smacking his tail on the water...

It was clearly a warning to me saying," Watch it!" I look to shore and realize I am way way out.. too far out.

I start talking thru my snorkel" WHOAA I'm too far out here, huh? I gotta swim ALL the way back!"

I took several pictures, said "BYE, see you guys!" and headed back in.

I wanted to stay and play..

Three dolphins had a yellow plastic bag they were swimming back and forth with. I wanted that bag! I so dislike seeing dolphins play with our trash!

But i knew if i got tired i wouldn't make it back to shore..

I turned and started swimming....

Almost to shore a turtle swims right up to me and swims along for awhile, now i have never had an ocean creature offer me a ride so i just kept singing and swimming!

When I got to shore I turned and stared at the beautiful ocean. I had made it back in safe and sound, and surprisingly i wasn't tired!

As i stood there looking at her blue, i felt deep down inside of me that I had just experienced Oceans kindness.

I am an island gal...


Firefly said…
I am just absolutely speechless everytime you post about yopu experiences with dolphins and turtles. You are so lucky to have such a caring heart and that the animals you care for feel very much the same about you.
That happens to me too, when I suddenly realize that shore is way toooooo far away. I am not a good swimmer but I know that as long as I keep on going, I will make it back. I'm glad you made it back again.
BTW I have a rule to Never touch sea creatures (I was upset after kicking the 12 foot tiger shark which bit me fifteen years ago), but I've been dreaming recently of a whale coming up under me so that I end up on its back. Hey, maybe I could get a ride back to shore...
leilani said…
Thank you Fire! There is this James abernathy is his name. He swims with sharks, he say that since he spends so much time in the water he has a low profile.. in others words WE SMELL LIKE FISH! LOLOL =0)

DON u need to blog that tiger experience please! OMG! u wanna hear something weird? one day while reading ur blog i thought "what if a whale comes up under don?" I know touching a wild creature for my pleasure is something i dont do either. I am sooo curious about ur Tiger shark experience!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for proofing that indeed love does exist for the sake of our existence.
Please have a wonderful Friday.
p.s.: Thank you also for sharing such beautiful photography.
leilani said…
Your welcome Robert!

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