Tuesday the 19Th ... Blue skies all day i decided that after work I would go down to turtle rock...

Huge turtles were gathered at the rock ! I was just in awe! WOW! at this size they are at least 20 to 30 years old!

There were about five of them just floating, relaxing, not a care in the world.

Then I saw him.. the turtle i had swam with scissors for!

Sure enough i could see the orange line on his left flipper

Well, he sees me at about the same time and i joke you not he MUST of let out a scream or some kind of signal known only to another turtle because within a second or two EVERY SINGLE turtle around that rock was gone! BUT it doesn't end there....


When i got home I stuck my camera card in my computer brought up the pictures and noticed this turtle with the orange line had a Number on his shell. I had NOT noticed it before ! #584. I picked up the phone called the turtle people and according to them this turtle had been taken from WAIMEA BAY (my beloved beach) in July 2009, with a hook in his mouth.(i had reported this very turtle to the lifeguards at the bay!)He was treated by the turtle people ,given his number(584) then released on the SOUTH side of the island.

I told the turtle people he is back home on the north side(they were so excited about that) and That the little rascal NOW had LINE wrapped around him!(I didn't tell them i cut most of the line off. you are NOT supposed to touch these guys=0I) I emailed them his picture and started chuckling. Some where amidst all my turtle pictures taken at Waimea Bay, I have a picture of this same turtle with a hook in his mouth. That was in 2009. He is rescued and given a number. Now here we are in 2010 and he is wearing fishing line! My goodness he is what Hawaiians call KALOHE.(a little rascal!)

I have a gut feeling turtle #584 is going to have a LONG rescue record!


Great story, Leilani. Thanks for being this turtle's guardian angel.
Tami said…
What are the little striped fish? The pictures are so lovely and clear. And the story is amazing!
I always believe it was only amongst us humans that you found those individuals who always seem to get into trouble... now I know better.
Firefly said…
#584 seems to be accident prone. LOL. And you seem to bump into him all over the show. Your seem to be connected in some way.
Leigh said…
Excellent Little Rascal story!

Cool photos too!!
leilani said…
thank you Don.. Tami we call them manini! (MA Knee Knee)

LOLOL AHUMAN!! i thought the same thing!! we dont think of the animal world as having rascals!

Fire its amazing! I was telling my daughter the same thing! big ocean, many turtles and I keep running into this one! I do beleive we as humans are supposed to care for the planet, but its like this guys has been assigned to me.

Thank you Leigh!

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