Having a Blast

Even though the water is cold and cloudy I am having a blast taking these pictures!

It is hard to put the camera down. I took these yesterday. The current was so strong it was pulling my swim shorts off.

I just laughed, tied them tighter and kept right on having a blast! I am positive the turtles just think I'm one of those crazy humans they see once in a while!

I am an island gal.


Chrissy said…
I love how the sunlight hits their backs!. gorgeous creatures... yeah, they know another nut is in their territory! lol....
ρομπερτ said…
dreampictures...thank you for sharing such nice dreams.

Please have a wonderful Wednesday.
Firefly said…
A couple of awesome pictures. The light on their shells is wonderful.
I think the turtles believe that you are one of them. Great photos.
veredit said…
miraculous moments, for it every application is worthwhile, thank you!
Jo said…
Omigosh, you have fun. Holy doodle! These are beautiful photographs. Like Robert says, dream pictures!
leilani said…
Thank you guys for your comments! My life has gotten so much fuller with each of you in it! Thank you!

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