Wild and Free

A Person from my workplace told me of a spot on the North Shore where there were "MASSIVE" turtles.

This weekend i went looking for them.I know I wasn't at the right spot exactly because the turtles I saw were NOT massive. Some of them were big, but not massive.

I always enter the Ocean with great respect and this weekend she taught me a lesson I really need to get into my head!

The current on the North Shore was winter strong as it has been for the last 2 months now. This turtle was big and he had wedged himself under this rock to rest without the current moving him elsewhere.

When i dove down to get this picture, this big guy was not happy. HE came straight out at me, his neck at an angle to give me a good hard bite.

The rock he was wedge under is a cleaning station for turtles. The turtles pull up next to the rock and let small fish clean the algae off of them.
Its an amazing thing to see nature working together. The turtles started biting each other for choice real estate and i thought it was cute and funny until some of the smaller turtles started swimming too close to me with their neck at that , I AM GONNA BITE YOU angle.

I backed off, swam to shore and sat on the sand contemplating my brush with being bit not just once but twice.
I thought to myself, "THANK GOODNESS I hadn't found the Massive turtles". I need to GET IT that these are WILD animals and if I am NOT careful I AM going to get hurt. From now on I need to give these beautiful creatures more personal space. They are after all beautiful, amazing ,wild and free.


Chrissy said…
U stepped into their territory... It is definite instinct on their part... Its a good thing, can u imagine if they didn't have that defense? no matter how domesticated animals are they still have that instinct.. Kind of how us mamas protect our young... right?
Barry said…
Glad you weren't hurt but happy you got such great pictures.
Anonymous said…
May your start into the new year be filled with joy, healt and happiness.
Forgive me if I sound stupid but just how bad is the bite of a large turtle, or any turtle for that matter? Need some education here.
Lucky you. I'm very glad you got away without injury. Thanks for the beautiful photos of the turtles.
leilani said…
most definately chrissy! , Thank you Barry!, And to you too Robert!

A Human, i have been told they have very strong jaws. I imagine if they bite ur finger you just might lose that finger=0I

Thank you Don!

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