On and On

Just yesterday I was running up and down the shoreline of the Bay, Yelling frantically at my youngest child to "GET OUT OF THE WATER! ". The waves of the Bay take no prisoners and I feared the waves would snatch his small frame from me in an instant as only the Ocean can.

As the year 2009 comes to an end, I now watch my youngest soon to be 20, ride the same waves with glee. His frame no longer small but strong and muscular, a body of a young man raised around the Ocean.
He doesn't ride with me to the beach often but when he does I always marvel at his love of the water.

I remember the day I was swimming out to meet the dolphins. I hear a laugh behind me, I turn and see my youngest right behind me, his eyes shining with the sound of the dolphins in his ears, his face a carbon copy of mine.

I realized immediately that my love of the Ocean will live on and on and on...

He is an island guy............


Chrissy said…
And my bf will be the same... he moved to Oahu when he was 12 and he has tried living on the mainland and has always returned to Oahu...it was hard at first for us to both realize that, I feel the same for being here.. my reason being- my 3 kids . I love him w/all my heart I guess its the 'history' of my kids, deep down.
This is such a sweet post... and sort of satisfying. Enjoy him while you can. They have a way of moving on. Hope you had a very blessed Christmas.
ρομπερτ said…
Made me feel good at twenty past three in the morning - what a love, what a life, thank you for sharing.

Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

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