Nothing Blue About Blue

The poor color BLUE.. for so many years it has been used in sentences, song titles,even the "something old and something blue" ritual for a wedding.

We say ,"I'm feeling BLUE" which really means im sad, im lonely.. im just not feeling right.

If you click on the picture of the last turtle it will enlarge.. There is NOTHING like that blue...

I think i will Have to change my vocabulary..

There is NOTHING Blue about the oceans color Blue!


ρομπερτ said…
Blue enters the soul.

Please have a wonderful Friday.
Firefly said…
Hey there Island gal
Blue along with green has always been my favorite colours, mainly cause its the colours of nature.

I'm going to be away on holiday for the next 2 weeks, so I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have done forward posts on both my blogs but wouldn't be able to comment for obvious reasons.
I love the ocean. It fills me with peace. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing!
Barry said…
It is strange that such a beautiful and vibrant color has become associated with sorrow.

How could anyone feel sadness when looking at these pictures?
Blue and green have always been my favourite colours. Even when I deliberately try to get away from them, I always end up back with some shade of it. Like choosing material to have my lounge furniture covered. I deliberately took something not blue or green and once the job was done, the one colour that stood out was green - lol. I guess I am just a blue/green gal.
leilani said…
Sincerity, I so agree with you =0)

Barry, soooo true!

LOL AHUMAN! Green is a good color!
leilani said…
Robert , that is beautiful!

Take care Fire, We are going to miss you while ur gone !
veredit said…
Absolutely fantastic pictures, be here with you, is always a little vacation .. Thank you!



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