Kukaniloko... The Birthplace of the ALi'i (royalty)

If you google Kukaniloko you can find out all kinds of information about this spot.

THIS is WHAT really gets me.

When you are here,the first thing you notice is the Quiet. There is NOT a SOUND going on back here, other than the trees blowing in the wind.

Is the peace back here the reason the ancient Hawaiians chose this spot to give birth to Kings and Queens or is this spot so quiet because of the labor and delivery that went on here?

Can you imagine giving birth to a child on a rock? Can you imagine coming here and having to ask WHICH rock your wife was at?

Some things about progress are SO Much better! LOLOL

I am an island gal...


Chrissy said…
whereabouts is this? i would love to see it and hear the quiet.
What an eerie place to look at. I am off to Google it.
Barry said…
It looks like a place where quiet would settle in and where momentous events would happen. Like the birth of Kings and Queens.
ρομπερτ said…
Interesting how 'Google' has become a verb...how time has changed, wonder whether it can touch places like this.

May you all have a blessed Christmas.
leilani said…
Chrissy coming from town, go thru Wahiawa turn left into the field at the stoplight at Whitmore!

LOL AHUMAN i wrote that just for you
YES Barry i thoought the animals have learned to stay away. It is weird!

LOLOL Robert! Google a verb!
Firefly said…
A mithical place indeed. It must be something just sitting there in silence and taking in the atmosphere.

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