The subject of JOY has been a really hard subject for me to get out in words.I guess its because living with joy is an ongoing everyday growing experience for me and I feel I have a ways to go yet.

Since my beloved North Shore is raging I have had to go west. I am new to the waters of the west so the many DIVERS that use KAHE point on the west side of the island are a welcome sight for me. It means I am not alone out there in new waters. They sit or swim deep on the bottom and usually wave as I go by.

It was no different on my first dolphin day at Kahe point. Divers dotted the waters underneath me and i felt a sense of relief knowing they were there.

Dolphins are fast, graceful and very very lithe swimmers! So their presence among us was instantaneous.

As the pod of 50 or so dolphins swam around us, the divers below me one by one came to the surface, threw their air mouthpieces out of their mouths and let out various WHOOPS, YEEEHAAWS, HOLY SMOKES,WOWWEEES IN mega loud tones!

It had a chain reaction and i threw my head back and started laughing. It ALWAYS happens. The joy that the dolphins carry with them is so strong that NO ONE around them can escape it. I have marveled at this for the 7 years I've been swimming with dolphins. Their presence stirs up joy all over the place. I have seen various stages of joy out there, the most extreme being swimmers sobbing with joy among the dolphins.

It took about 3 years but I began to realize that EVERYONE in the water with the dolphins was smiling! A smile is a powerful thing, a smile is a light, a tool, a gift given to us free, to share and use to comfort, support, and uplift each other in a world full of angry humans. A smile is the same in every language, no interpreter is needed.

When i first started living with a smile it was rough, I felt foolish, out of place, silly. Slowly it became a natural wonderful thing and I soon discovered the world, her colors , her creatures ALL come with the ability to make a smile.

Funny thing is the more I lived with a smile the more joy i felt. Just happy. Colors are deeper, people are friendlier, problems seem easier to get through.

And then one day i read a marine biologists description of a dolphin, he said, " A dolphin has the appearance that makes them look like they are always smiling"

BINGO..... is it any wonder that JOY travels with the dolphins?


Anonymous said…
so true! every word of it :)
I miss the dolphins, LOL i miss the water :)
I hope your day begins, ends and is full of smiles, from yourself, friends, family and strangers!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for that 'smile' throughout the night, as it is already three in the morning.

A wonderful Wednesday for you.

p.s.: you might like to 'delete' the former blog of mine and put the new one instead.
Firefly said…
Swimming in the wild with dolphins is on my list of things that I would like to do before I die. I also want to experience the JOY.
I'm totally with you. I try to smile much of the time and it makes me feel better. Plus, many people smile back at me, which makes me feel even better.
Our scuba divers are usually accompanied by boats which I like because I then have a safety net - someone I can call to for help if needed.
Maithri said…
You're the most amazing person.... I FEEL you're love for this world...for nature... i feel it in my bones...

Thank you for spreading joy whereever you go,

warmest love,

leilani said…
Swwt Thank you!=0)

Robert, will do! Thank you for reminding me!

Fire, one day you will... SA has to have dolphins! SWomeplace that beautiful has them!

Exactly, Don! =-)

Maithri, Thank you, u humble me.

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