Hawaiian Hero

I have been swimming the waters of the Bay for over 40 years. As a child I remember walking thru the bushes of the bay, stepping out onto the sand, and seeing a guy a little older than I surfing the waves.

His name was Eddie.. Eddie AIKAU. He became a lifeguard at the Bay and later he became a crewman on the Hawaiian sailing vessel HOKULEIA. Eddie lost his life 31 years ago when he tried to swim for help after the HOKULEIA overturned sailing in deep waters, miles away from the islands.

There was a ceremony honoring Eddie this week and
the HOKULEIA came to the Bay in honor of Eddie.

I parked my car,and did my usual hurried walk to the shoreline, impatient to see the water I love so dearly. I stepped onto the sand, looked out at the ocean and my legs went weak. There she sat the BEAUTIFUL outrigger canoe HOKULEIA. Our ancestors came to the islands on vessels like this one and to see one of these vessels sitting at the mouth of the Bay was breathtaking!

Eddie loved big waves and this week they are hoping to hold the Eddie Aikau surf meet at the Bay.

Waves MUST be 30 feet or bigger to hold the event. Extreme surfers from all over the world have flown to the islands in anticipation of the event. Word is the waves will reach 60 feet on the North Shore this week.

I remember this Hawaiian Hero as a strong, smart swimmer. He saved many lives at the Bay while he was a lifeguard. Some how i get the idea he would be horrified that people were surfing 60 foot waves in his memory.

May God Bless all of those who choose to enter the raging waters of the North Shore this week.

I am an island gal....


Firefly said…
Its wonderful to remember heroes like this. Looking at those waves my eyes went wide. HUGE! I have too much respect for the ocean to try and take those on.
Anonymous said…
Impressive writing of yours.

Please stay save with those high waves. A wonderful start into your Tuesday.
leilani said…
Thank you Fire and Robert! LOL I miss summer! LOL

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