Eddie did GO! 12-08-09

MY beloved Bay ... closed... her waters raging! I was there Monday... but Tuesday.. no i just could not fight the crowds!

MEGA Lifeguards on duty.. This is Kerry. he is as smooth as butter.. he has been a lifeguard for along time...LOL he wouldn't want to hear that ..LOL

Cameras that cost a small fortune dot the shore line to get pictures like this.

These are from the Associated Press...

They held the Eddie Aikau surf meet...

When summer comes the water will lay flat, crystal clear, because these waves have cleared the waters.Dolphins once again will enter the Bay to play in those crystal waters.

I love mother nature..


Firefly said…
I was watching this on the news last night. Those waves are gigantic. I would rather be on shore than in that. I think I prefer it calm and clear with dolphins swimming about.
leilani said…
LOLOL Fire i agree with you! they were massive on Monday when I was there and stayed that way thru Tues. I stood amoung the photographers on Monday and marveled at the CAMERAS! My golly.. LENS so massive you wonder where the camera is!

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