............leaving my beloved north shore behind, i headed west....

The west side of the island of Oahu is considered the dry,rugged side of the island.

One hotel stands out there. The Ko Olina Resort. To my right, what you cant see are 3 big time- share condos. sigh.. and those large cranes in the picture suggest another one to come.

The resort builders built 5 little lagoons along the coastline fronting the hotels property and i stopped in at lagoon number 3 the HONU (turtle) lagoon.

The lagoons are beautiful ! I call it high- end swimming.

After swimming you walk up a short stretch of sand onto green green grass.. shower.. go to your car.. no sand, no mess.

All very proper, quiet and clean. The lagoons are the same. Quiet,serene,tranquil, very much the opposite of the deep, current driven waters of the North Shore i am so used to.

You can imagine then, the shock and surprise on my face when i looked around underwater at this man made lagoon and saw this HUGE turtle ! He had come in from the open to the deep ocean side of the lagoon and he was as happy as can be.....

I got happy right along with him!LOLOLOL

I am an island gal........


Firefly said…
These manmade lagoons look like they could be the perfect snorkeling spot if there is underwater life to be seen. But I always get a bit sad when I see big developments go up on the coast. It spoils the natural side of it.
It is good to see that nature adapts. I hope the showers were heated :-)
leilani said…
I agree Fire! my children call these lagoons BABY POOLS and
will NOT swim in them! LOL =0)

Don, you brought up a good point! LOL they felt warm but i dont think they are heated! LOL compared to the river water in the showers on the North SHORE.. THESE showers were WARM!
I should be interesting to watach and see just how much sea-life enters these manmade lagoons and make them their personal homes. I presume the animals and fish would be protected.
leilani said…
A Human.. i agree.. i will keep my eyes open and snap pics as I see it. Since the North shore is raging with river water and big waves I will be here in the west more often! I once saw 2 seahorses in lagoon 5 and I did NOT have my camera with me! I was reallyyyyy mad at meeee!

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