The River

It rained hard last week. A storm front circled the islands torturing us with humidity and thunder. Lightening which is unusual in the island brought torrents of rain. INCHES in just an hours time.

The normally placid river at Waimea Bay pushed against TONS of sand breaking through with a vengeance. Regulars at the Bay who were there said they have NEVER seen the river that angry.

The river spewed mega tons of brown muddy water into the ocean, making it unsafe to swim anywhere on the north shore.

The River jettisoned dead pieces of wood onto the beautiful sands of the Bay, leaving nowhere near the shoreline to sit and bask in the beauty of the Bay.

It happens every year at this time.... for me it NEVER gets easy to watch. Blue water turned brown with mud.

In time mother nature will turn the Bay back into blue and I will again marvel at the power of Nature.

The next set of winter waves will move all the dead wood on the shore out into the depths of the sea and sitting, laying and basking in the sun will again be possible.

I turn and give my beloved bay a last look. " A HUI HOU KAKOU" (until we meet again) i say to her, hop in my car and head WEST.


Firefly said…
We need some rain like that. It is desperately dry here and we have very strict water restrictions. Anyway, the river coming down in flood is also natures way of flushing all the gunk out the river and cleaning it up again.
leilani said…
WOW Fire we need to tank some of this water and send it ur way!! wow! yup.. cleaning the gunk.. always hard for me to watch but sooo nessassary for the health of both the river and the bay!

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