New Waters for Ma'am.

I set off early Saturday morning to work on the goal I made to swim the waters beneath Diamond Head.

The first thing i notice is the beauty, the next? everyone going down the cliff to the shoreline is at least 25 years younger than I.! LOL

The beach is just stunning and i notice right away the WIND! WINDY WINDY!
The wind kicks up the water and makes it milky.

I ask ONE of the MANY surfers entering the water there, if it was always this WINDY! He said,"80% of the time, Ma'am".LOLOL Ma'am?? LOLOL oh BOYYY!

If you want the honest truth it felt good to be among so many younger people. WHY? Did i feel younger? NO! LOL

The air around younger people is so positive and strong. It is just GOOD to feel the energy!

I entered the water and saw that it was just tooo milky to take pictures.

I brought my head up out of the water and there stood the U.S.COAST GUARD LIGHTHOUSE!!I had forgotten it was there!

HOW FITTING that this beach, this shoreline filled with young adults should be guarded by a LIGHTHOUSE!

I am an island gal...


Anonymous said…
May you and all others be able to enjoy the freedom of the sea for a long time to come.

A wonderful Thursday for you.
Firefly said…
Good morning ma'am. LOL. Ha ha ha. Don't you just hate it when younger people make you feel old with statements like that. I do.

At least the lighthouse did make up for the fact that there was no underwater pics to be taken.

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