A New Goal

From Waikiki I headed about 3 miles south to Diamond Head.

I stopped at a look out, at the foot of Diamond head, just off to the side of the road. I realized that I have LIVED HERE on OAHU my whole life and NEVER swam in the waters you see in this picture! I asked my self, " WHY?" .

I have no answer, so in the coming weeks I WANT to see what is UNDER the water in this picture.!

I LOVE this planet, there is no end to the word "NEW".

I will keep you posted on this New Goal!

I am an island gal......


robert said…
May you always find yourself within safe waters.
Tami said…
And we can not wait to see right along with you....please do not forget your camera!
Isn't there a line in a movie about finding things in your own back yard? There are plenty of adventures out there just waiting for you, Leilani, so keep on exploring.
leilani said…
Thank you Robert! omg Tami.. if i do im gonna drown myself! LOLOL... OH i so agree DON! I am ashamed it has taken me this long to walk out my back DOOR!
Firefly said…
I am looking forward to do a vertual dive with you to explore some new territories.

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