A Humbled Island Gal

November 22 Sun...

I woke early.. i was going BACK to KAHE Point to tell the Ocean i was sorry for my "dumbness".

It wasnt long after I hit the water, this happened.

May I ALWAYS REMEMBER to be a HUMBLED island gal.....


ρομπερτ said…
Too good for words, so let me bow silently in respect of your photography and the ability to get that close.
Seems as if everything rare searches for anything alike.
A wonderful Wednesday.
Hooray for you!
It looks like it was a peaceful and wonderful encounter.
leilani said…
Thank you Robert!

Don i just learned amajor lesson. Thank you Don! Hey DON ? On Sunday you shot a white dolphin there in Maui. It looks like there is another white dolphin in my pictures taken on Sunday also. maybe mine just looks white, i didnt notice it in the water.
Firefly said…
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I went to a city called East London this week and stayed at a hotel on the beachfront. The first morning I was watching the dolphins swimming past from my hotelroom window and actually wished I could be swimming with them.

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