Blue and Green

I was on the road headed west early... the sun breaking thru the clouds as i moved on..

I love the morning and the ocean together...

There is something about blues and greens in the morning that make it worth being up and out.

This turtle passed me this morning in the blue blue water and I was just AMAZED by his shell!

Cool, Clean blues and greens... the planet celebrating the sun!

I am an island gal......


ρομπερτ said…
Blue enters the soul,
Green provides hope.
All together beautiful shown at your site.
A wonderful new week for you.
Crazyfox said…
If the pictures had more pixels I'd make you and me a large print of this beautiful turtle and it's shell.
Firefly said…
Blue and green has always been my favorite colours. Why? Because they are the main colours in nature. Along with the oranges, yellows and reds of sunrise and sunset.
leilani said…
Thank you Robert! Dave i keep the pics small so i have LOTS of room incase the dolphi8ns show up. You casnh take 100 pics of the dolphins and Maybe one WILL BE NICE. =0( so i keep the pics small and the camera ready! I will email you the original maybe that will help. Fire, you capture reds SOO Magnificently! The blooms in ur yard? stunning!
Jesse said…
Beautiful colors and detail of the green sea turtle!

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