The Beautiful North Shore

Video of the North Shore this week....

Not even a humpback whale will take on these waves! LOL Winter is in full swing! At least my blogger friends will get to see more than the North shore now! =0)

I remain an island gal.......


Maithri said…
Wow those are some giant waves!

Such a beautiful part of the world... I hope i get to see it one day soon,

Much love, M
Jo said…
I have been there -- right to that very spot. It was in winter, and the waves were just like that.

As I sit here looking at the icy rain falling outside my window, I would LOVE to go back there.

leilani said…
Maithri and Jo, one day we will have the bloggers snorkel convention! Come during the summer, there is NO way we can snorkel in those waves =0)

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