I know I love each one of my fellow bloggers.

How do i know?


I did something today i would of never done if not for the love of my blogger friends. I entered the WATERS of WAKIKI Beach! LOL .. Waikiki is the extreme opposite of the North Shore that I call home.

I was definitely a fish out of Water. A country bumpkin in the middle of people chaos, but I thought pictures of Waikiki Beach would be nice.

I am glad I went early in the morning. The beach was nearly empty and there was a moment in the water that I looked over at Diamond Head and was SOOO glad I came !

I am an island gal.......


You are a brave girl (lol). Love the mountain and the clouds.
leilani said…
LOl Human=0) That mountain is the infamous lol..... Diamond Head.=)
Crazyfox said…
I used tro like to go down and swim where you took the pictures, at night when the lights from the hotels reflected on the water. It was fun sometimes to go downtown and be "pretend" tourist.

I use to metal detect on Waikiki beach after midnight...Bopy ! do I miss those times but the memories are great.
Waikiki Beach said…
Waikiki Beach is perhaps the most famous beach in the world. Located on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, Waikiki combines natural beauty with a vibrant recreational community.
Firefly said…
Now that looks like a very touristy holiday maker type of coastline and beach if I look at the amount of buildings over there.
leilani said…
Dave, I havent been in the water there since I was a kid! LOL It was good!

HEYYY Waikiki Beach =0)

Fire, It is. I think maybe we as locals could of done a better job with Waikiki. Waikik was a playground for the old Hawaiian Royalty. Us local have really missed the whole point I think when it comes to Waikiki!
leilani said…
P.s. DAVE LOL knowing WHERE to Park MAKES you a local! LOLOL! Did you ever find anything with the detector?
robert said…
...in the middle of people's chaos' - seems as if there are other places like this one here.
Rainy, windy and even a Tuesday.
Your courage was an inspiration.
A wonderful day for you.
leilani said…
Yes Robert, me in Waikikik alone.. out of my normal routine.. i never thought about the courage! Thank you.=0)

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