Turtle Beach

A beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaiian name Laniakea.Most commonly called Turtle Beach by Oahus visitors. I hadn't stopped there in years. We used to shore cast big fishing poles from the shoreline.

I stopped on Sunday. Hundreds of visitors stop here to see the Green Sea Turtles who live on the shoreline. The abundance of seaweed in the area and a safe haven from sharks, it is a perfect place for the turtle.

Right off the bat I get down to the shoreline and there is a turtle laying on the beach. There is a group of people on the beach who set up a tent and sit here all day making sure the turtles stay safe. They have the turtle roped off and a name plague stuck in the sand.. This turtles name is "WOOLEY BULLY". What a character. He is using a rock as a head rest and I get the feeling this particular rock is labeled "Wooley Bully's Rock"

I walked over to the tent and ask the Turtle Beach volunteers if I can go into the water. They said, "sure", so off I went..WELL ....These turtles are soooo used to humans that they
practically say "EXCUSE ME" when they bump into you. My camera became useless because i COULD NOT get used to looking at these turtle in the very shallow water, who stare straight at me like I'm another turtle! They were like STEPFORD TURTLES, not like the wild turtles Ive come to know and love further down the coastline. This is great for the visitor. They can get a picture of a turtle. It is not so good for the turtles, they are too tame, and they become sitting ducks for evil humans.

Most turtles are like the one in the picture below. Taken at Waimea Bay this turtle took ONE LOOK at me and was on his way OUT! LOL .. I love when I have to WORK or swim like a fool to get a picture! Wild animals are beautiful and in my opinion, they are WAYYY better off, more vibrant, and show greater personality when they are being leery of us humans!

I am an island gal....


Maithri said…
You transport me to another world my friend... Just beautiful!

Lotsa love, M
Firefly said…
I agree. Its probably not in the turtles' best interest that they are so tame, but its good to see that the locals have set up a forum to protect the turtles. I really need to put Hawaii on my list of to-do places to go and swim with turtles.
Very funny, your idea of naming rocks. Hee hee.
Oh, no. I feel a rant coming on. Somebody, anybody, stop me please...

Most Americans live in fear, which is really sad. Now we want to make various sea creatures so they also live in fear (your comment about getting turtles to run away from people, which DLNR also applies to seals and dolphins). Why not let them be themselves instead of trying to change them? If we want to stop a few bad people, then let's get aggressive about prosecuting them. Let's not try to change nature by making animals as psychotic as we are.
leilani said…
Thank you Maithri=0)

Fire, please do ! your camera and you would love it although South Africa is an amazing place!

LOL Don! I love ranting=0P... you have a good point! I love the challenge of the wild animal! There is NOTHING we can do about evil humans except like you said prosecute them ! I live for the fact that when a wild dolphin comes to me its because he knows i will not hurt him, not because he thinks i will feed him. I love when wild creatures view me as any other predator, then turns and gives me a shot that blows my doors! The turtle at the top of my blog.. he is wild and free, i dont trust you human kind of turtle but he tolerated my presence and I got some really good pictures! Thank you for a really good rant!

p.s. DLNR is a joke are they not ? LOLOL

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